Security and Protection of Information 2001, Number I

Scientific Journal

Date of publishing: 9. 5. 2001

Editorial Board

  • Jaroslav Dočkal, Ph.D., University of Defence, Czech Republic (Editor in Chief);
  • Daniel Cvrček, Ph.D., Brno University of Technology, Czech Republic;
  • Josef Kaderka, Ph.D., University of Defence, Czech Republic;
  • Herbert Leitold, Secure Information Technology Center, Austria;
  • Václav Matyáš, M.Sc., Ph.D., Masaryk University Brno, Czech Republic;
  • Daniel Olejár, Ph.D., Comenius University, Slovak Republic;
  • Dimitrios N. Serpanos, Ph.D., University of Patras, Greece;
  • Arrigo Triulzi, M.Sc., Independent Security Consultant, Switzerland.

Some General Principles in Computer Security

Tomasz Bilski

Security Products Test Methodology

Tomáš Bouček, Jaroslav Dočkal

Biometric System for Generating of Nontransferable Private Keys and Digital Signatures

Josef Bucholcer - Jozef Škvarek - Vladimír Dudycha

On The Cryptographic Security Architecture of Czech Army Information Systems

Karel Burda

Information Security in Large-Scale Practice

Brooks B. Chamberlin

Real-World Problems of PKI Hierarchy

Daniel Cvrček

Tasks and Challenges of The National Cryptographic Environment Implementation in Small Countries

Karel Dolník

The Grand Goal: One Evaluation Per Planet

Roger Allan French

Self-defining Virtual LANs (Auto-VLANs) with Access Authorisation

Grzegorz Górski, Józef Wozniak

Domain Name System Security

Ladislav Hagara

Public Key Certification Infrastructure

Petr Hanáček

Security of Information Systems – User’s Attack Inside of Organization

Martin Hanzal

Classified Technology: Operation and Maintenance Provisions

Petr Hein

New Physical Attacks and Security of Smart-card

Jaroslav Hrubý

Cascaded Signatures

Ladislav Huraj

Use of Public Key Infrastructure

Jan Janka

Mutual Collaboration Among Government Administration in The Implementation of Security Policies

Jan Klügl

Human Identity, Human Identification and Human Security

Jindrich Kodl

ISO 17799: The Standard for The Next Millennium

Martin Másílko

The Basic Terms and Legal Aspects of The ESA from The Practical and Security Points of View

Ján Matejka

Effective Design of Trusted Information Systems

Luděk Novák

Using Quasigroups for Secure Encoding of File System

Eliška Ochodková, Václav Snášel

On the Problems of Centralized Security Management

Petr Ogrocki

Electronic Signature - Selected Problems of The Electronic Signature Law and of Its Implementation

Daniel Olejár

Deploying A Certification Authority for Networks Security

Victor-Valeriu Patriciu

Intruder Detection by Seismic Method

Colin M.Pepin, Vladimír Hrabal, Jaroslav Cechák

Certification Authority in Praxis, Security Aspects

Jaroslav Pinkava

Network Perimeter Defense

Josef Pojsl, Martin Machácek

Future Cryptography: Standards Are Not Enough

Tomáš Rosa

Computer Network Safety – It Is Also Power Supply Safety

Bohuslav Šámal

Improvement of Computer Networks Security by Using Fault Tolerant Clusters

Serb Aurel

Exploitation of Smart Cards and Human Biometrics Attributes

Luděk Smolík

The Methods and Software for Certification of Cryptographic Algorithms

Jiří Sobotík

Security Impacts of Enterprise Management Software on Object Computer System

Pavel Štros

The National Security Profile of A Project for IT Risk Analysis and Management

Marián Svetlík

Deployment of IPSec Virtual Private Network Solutions

Ivan Svoboda

Chainsaw to Assured Availability

Miloslav Urbiš

Match on Card Technology and Its Use for PKI (Matching of Biometric Templates of Fingerprints Directly by Smartcard Chip)

Miroslav Valeš

Perspective of Expert Systems in Security Management of Real Systems

Zdenka Winklerová